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Value Engineering

Rupp/Rosebrock Inc. emphasizes "Value Engineering" in every project we complete. In most cases, Value Engineering is a part of the process even before conceptual drawings are developed.


Value Engineering through the Architect / Engineer

Rupp/Rosebrock, Inc. begins by developing a conceptual floor plan including rough drafts of wall sections with finishes determined by the Owner. We work with the Owner and Architect/Engineer to move through decisions involving the roof structure, preliminary site layout, and secondary site plan. After these decisions are made, smaller concerns are addressed with the Owner including interior finishes, HVAC options, special lighting and equipment, and electrical service equipment. Working with the architect directly reduces confusion and miscommunication on both ends.


Value Engineering through the Construction Manager

  • Determine cost differentials on finishes (wall vinyl, ceramic and quarry tile, HVAC equipment, light fixtures, and specialties)

  • Finalize budget and site estimate based on "pre-design" plan

  • Determine most beneficial location on lot for cost-and-fill ratio in regards to site work

  • Advise architect and Owner of estimated cost differentials in:

    • Site-fill - sand, stone, or earth​

    • Topsoil and spoil - Relocation/removal

    • Cost comparison of pavement areas​ - Concrete vs. asphalt

  • Economize storm drainage/basin ratio

  • Confer with city on available utilities, location, and fees

  • Determine what utilities can be obtained free of cost/other budget-conscious options

  • Prepare estimates on comparable wall structures

  • Research previously completed projects and compare pricing


NOTE: These items have changed as new equipment and materials have been developed in the market. It is important that the correct suppliers are contacted for current pricing in determining budget-cost comparisons.

  • List “finishes” cost comparisons and review with architect and owner.

  • Architect proceeds on pre-design plant including short finish schedule.

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