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Safety Program

Safety & Health Policy

Each of our employees is required to earn a 10-hour OSHA card indicating their participation in a safety class encouraging the recognition, avoidance, and prevention of safety and health hazards in our workplace. Our Field Superintendents hold 30-hour cards with extended training in these topics. Rupp/Rosebrock, Inc. requires every office area and job trailer to keep a copy of our Health & Safety Policy on hand for quick access, and weekly “tool box” talks are performed to address safety and health concerns. We are currently in coordination with OSHA and the Ohio Bureau of Workmen’s Compensation to uphold our safety standards on the job site. 

Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Policy

Employees are Rupp/Rosebrock, Inc.'s most valuable resource, and their health and safety are a serious concern. Rupp/Rosebrock, Inc. does not tolerate any drug or alcohol use which could place the health and well-being of its employees at risk. At Rupp/Rosebrock, Inc., we participate in random drug screenings to ensure the safety of our work environment. We are an active member of the “Drug Free Workplace” program.


Emergency Action Plan

​Rupp/Rosebrock, Inc.'s Emergency Action Plan involves training in injury/illness, fire/explosion, and severe weather emergencies. Each site has a specific plan of action discussed with every employee prior to construction in order to properly manage the sites individually. Our written plan includes specific instructions including important measures taken to control any possible crises.

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