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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance begins and ends with customer satisfaction. From conception to completion, the Owner has the right to be as involved in the project as they desire. One of the major responsibilities of the Construction Manager is to ensure that the Owner gets the highest quality product available. Rupp/Rosebrock, Inc. takes many measures to guarantee our construction practices produce the best results.

Pre-Construction Quality Control Measures
  • Ensure the design documents meet the Owner's expectations

  • Review potential problem areas or design concerns with the Owner and Architect

  • Suggest only qualified contractors to bid the work referencing contractor qualifications based on previous work history

  • Review mechanical and electrical designs with Commissioning Agent


Quality Control During Construction
  • Review work that is taking place

  • Assure coordination among adjacent trades

  • Commission HVAC equipment

  • Secure inspections by state and local inspectors

  • Suggest independent testing agencies

  • Perform A/E site visit reports

Post-Construction Quality Control Measures
  • Contractor initiated punch-list

  • A/E and CM initiated punch-list

  • Owner walk-through prior to final occupancy

  • Post construction walk-thru before warranty period expires

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